March 7, 2015- 9:30 PM | W. Hollywood





April 22, 2015- 5:00 PM | Philadelphia


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Production of the South Philly Inspired

Short Film Brotherly Love Slated to Begin 


Remy Wallace, a Philadelphia native, is at the forefront of directing a self written screenplay titled Brotherly Love. This gritty story touches on the dynamic of sibling relationships, love, loyalty and pressures that come with growing-up in "The Neighborhood".  


When Tommy returns to his South Philadelphia home after spending six years in prison, things are not what he expected. His older brother, Joey, has not been “brotherly” in his absence, and his girlfriend, Gina, has a few shocking revelations as well. The outlook looks bleak for Tommy, until he finds an old friend in Hannah, the local bartender. But will Tommy be able to move on with his life? Or will his past continue to affect his future?


Remy, a Temple University Graduate, was inspired to write this film by channeling the experiences he had as a young man living in the diverse areas of inner city Philadelphia. Wallace explains, “Growing up in Philly has always been something I have identified with wherever I have lived, whether it be in New York or Los Angeles. This story is deeply influenced by my experiences and the experiences of people who are close to me. It’s important that I create a very real environment that matches the look and feel of my hometown.”


Besides Wallace, the rest of the cast is filled out by fellow east coast-ers. Tommy’s brother, Joey, will be played by Chris Snock, a Philly native, who has lived in New York as an actor and acting coach for the last 12 years. Cast in the role of Gina, will be Brit Morgan, who most recently played the role of Debbie Pelt in HBO’s smash-hit True Blood. And rounding out the cast is Natalie Nardone, who is best known for playing Tina Vitale in the award winning show Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding.


This production is being funded entirely by Wallace and supporting investors through the crowd sourcing website In keeping with the story's authentic style, and feel, the cast and crew will be filming on location in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles beginning late 2013 into the New Year.


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